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Dinotopia Things

I drove my local video store mad to find a working copy of the original Dinotopia [the one with Wentworth Miller in it] and then draw dinosaurs and pterosaurs everywhere.

My sister has a serious love of 26, Karl’s Chasmosaurus hatchling, so I drew her a napping bubby 26. She’s always this odd mix of pink/green.

And then there’s Freefall. My love for genetics combined with a gigantic flying carnivore? Yes please! Though I can’t quite get my head around pterosaur anatomy. He looks more leucistic then albino, that’s entirey my bad.

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    Yeah, I have a lot of problems with the movie. Like the whole ‘noisy dinosaurs’ thing, the entire Skybacks things… But...
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    I bought this movie when it came out and like once a year watch it (mostly because parts bother me) but omg Dinotopia...